Collection: FORMR

Formr provides second chances to people and planet. 

They empower formerly incarcerated people with employment opportunities that foster a new identity and a sense of pride on the road to a fresh start. Formr partners with reentry organizations and prisons to help justice-involved individuals thrive as they rebuild their new life. 

The materials used in the making of these beautiful objects contribute to making a larger impact in the community. The materials are sourced from two environmentally sustainable pathways; they are milled from fallen urban trees and are salvaged from construction sites.

Formr has received some fantastic exposure in The Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Fast Company, and other sources.

The Formr collection of ethically made products tells a phenomenal story. 

Some of Formr’s unique features include the following:

  • Initial order comes with the Formr mission on a card, in a wood display

  • All products are signed by the Formr team

  • Every product comes with a handwritten thank you note from a member of the team and the Formr story on the back

  • Made by hand

  • Each order plants a tree

  • Environmentally friendly packaging

  • Made with TLC in San Francisco

  • Your company logo can be added

  • Product display is available

  • We can create custom products that evolve from your vision (or we can collaborate on the design)