Our Team

  • Christina Swingdler, President

    Christina Swingdler inspires thousands of smiles through her colorful and passionate designs; the line that started all this, Christina Anastasia Jewelry. Her jump into wholesale as a manufacturer was the catalyst to form what is now the Emerald Sales Team.

    When she’s not creating, she’s activating the fob that knows where Jim’s keys are, gardening with The Cat, KimChi Apple Belly Yum Yum George Forman Prozac and The Dog, Charlie Von Snuggle Pants and playing with her rad child.

    Email: christina@emeraldsalesteam.com

    Phone: 1(707)832-4748

  • Jim Christensen, Chief Operating Officer

    After a year of being in a relationship with Christina, Jim decided he didn't get to spend enough time with Christina and he started selling her jewelry wholesale. Now he also wrangles sales reps, manufacturers, and show promoters, constantly putting his abilities to the test; loving every minute of it.

    When he’s not nose deep in strategies or hunting for his keys you’ll find him practicing the fine nuances of “jazz hands” or teaching his child intricate social greetings.

    Email: jim@emeraldsalesteam.com

    Phone: 1(707)832-4747

  • Larissa, Key Accounts Coordinator

    Larissa maintains relationships with our Key Accounts. She is an artist, a lover of succulents and silks, and was a small business owner.

  • Aisling, Website Designer

    Aisling, lover of all things mossy and sparkly, is the woman behind the Moss Follows jewelry line, and the Emerald Sales Website Creator. When she isn't creating jewelry or our website, she is wrangling her two young children.

  • Charlie and KimChi, Our furry blood pressure medications.

    The Fur Children:
    KimChi Apple Belly YumYum George Forman Prozac aftershock
    and Charles Von Snuggle Pants Dobbie Ears.
    Their names are still short as they’re only five years old.
    They specialize in snuggling, being gardening assistants and providing endless amounts of laughter with their “sibling” antics.

  • Fallon Orr, Buyer Services Coordinator

    Fallon harmonizes and communicates the order process and assists with web, social media, and customer assistance. Previously she was a small business owner and buyer for a natural foods and wellness store. She balances screen time with pursuing an Ayurvedic lifestyle while having adventures of paddle boarding the lagoons, strolling flower fields, overlanding, enjoying sunsets and sharing laughter and love.

  • Mikeal Confer

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