Collection: Tomaso's Distributing

Tomaso’s began as an Italian restaurant in Old Town, Eureka, famous for its spinach pies. In 1989, founder Tom Pagano, decided to take his family’s everyday pasta sauce, jar it, and distribute it to local markets and thereby created Tomaso’s Specialty Foods & Distribution.  

Enter into the picture, Ryan and Amy a pretty ordinary married couple who love food.  The couple met Tom as he taught them how to make homemade pizzas in their kitchen.  Who doesn’t love homemade pizza?!  After a lot of conversation, in 2021 in the wise lyrics of Eric Church we “decided to hang our toes off the ledge” and purchase this company, now known as Tomaso’s Distributing.   

The Tomaso’s Humboldt County tradition continues on with our local family, producing and distributing a number of exceptionally delicious Humboldt County products.

So, cheers to the love of food and drink